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NOTE: For the past year many of our news stories were supplied by We no longer display their stories on our site, but you can visit their site directly to read them.
Japanese sisters stash 28 million pounds in boxes
Girl sends grandma's car into pool
Belfast judges overturn libel verdict over bad review given Irish pizzeria
Telemarketer's Call Invokes Old Hit Song
Finn returns library book more than a century late
Md. Homeowners, Unable To Sell, Hold $100 Raffle
No laughs please, we're British - we mean it!
Firefighter saves tiny dog using CPR
S.D. Processor Makes Designer Sausages
Telemarketer's caller ID invokes 1980s hit song
WITNESS-Chase for the news can take a while in Africa
Missing Australians gatecrash police media call
Priest sent off for throwing shirt at ref in 'Catholic world cup'
Bench-Warmers Sought to Block Homeless
Police Furious Over New Web Site
Man Accused of Robberies on His Birthday
Real Death Star Could Strike Earth
Firefighter Saves Dog By Performing CPR
Taco sales at soccer field survive crackdown
Knitters dress up trees for public art
Gossip Site Paid $165,000 For O.J. Tape
Spitzer Linked To Hooker Probe
Tokyo Cosplish school offers "cute English"
Thrift Store Worker Finds, Returns $30K
Vacationers return home to detectives preparing a press conference into their suspected deaths
North Korean beer: great taste, low proliferation risk
Vatican lists "new sins," including pollution
Dead rodent stops operation
Police refuse to pay speeding tickets
Kitten survives trip from Singapore to Cleveland in sealed crate
Clinic: March Madness good time for vasectomy
Ohio knitters dress up pear tree
Golf? You're not working hard enough
Clinic: Have Vasectomy, Watch NCAA Hoops
Man Breaks Hairy Ears Record (video)
Britain makes camera that 'sees' under clothes
Software engineer is top U.S. 'mental athlete'
Matt Damon and wife expecting a baby
Priest sent off in Italy for throwing shirt at referee

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